1. Association with the Bomanite Corporation. Bomanite is the original cast in place concrete paving. We are trained and educated by the Bomanite Corporation, which helps us stay on top of the decorative concrete industry. Bomanite licensees are recognized as leaders and innovators in the industry, so you can rest assured that you will get a finished product that will look outstanding.

2. Our employees understand concrete. Our employees are trained to install decorative concrete and concrete flatwork. We are not landscapers trying to pour concrete; we are a concrete company pouring beautiful and durable concrete products.

3. We allow our customers design flexibility and break down the price of each option on our estimates. There are no surprise costs and no limitations to the creativity that you can put into your product.

4. You have deadlines and so do we. Staying on schedule and working with the other contractors on the site is essential to us to make a project successful.

5. Customer service is available on the job site. Since our salesmen are on the jobs they sell, you will have access to them during your project and they will know what is happening.

6. We know what other products are available. Our products are of the highest quality and are still available at a reasonable price. We realize that our competitors have similar products, so we will point out the value of other products as well as ours.

7. The industry is always changing, so we educate ourselves about new products, which helps us offer new products that are valuable to our customers.

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